Final Day and Final Thoughts

Wes and I flew back to Edinburgh and spent one final evening there before coming home last night. (It was less expensive that way :). But I certainly was not unhappy about walking down the Royal Mile one last time – I love this city! We opted to go on a ghost tour of the underground vaults – people actually used to live in these dark, dank vaults – you can imagine the filth, the disease, the unhealthy conditions. Very sad. Of course, some believe ghost still inhabit the vaults. Very interesting but also a bit gloomy.

After the tour, Wes and I celebrated with one last meal – I hadn’t had my shepherds pie yet so found a great restaurant that offered it. The food throughout this trip has been awesome!
(Back to Healthy eating tomorrow!)

On Sunday, we bid farewell to Scotland – don’t think either of us were quite ready to leave but our pocketbooks were 🙂 and Wes had to get back to work 😦

Now I’m home and basking in my memories. I must say it was the Perfect Trip from start to finish! Such kind people I met along the way and I learned so much about the history and land of our European ancestors – going back to my roots was great! Of course, the scenery was amazing (glad to have so many pictures that somewhat capture it). I’m glad to be home but feel a little homesick for my land across the sea and I already miss the accent!

Thanks to all of my faithful readers! I’ve enjoyed your comments along the way and I appreciate you overlooking my many errors! (most entries were done in haste!). I’m going to go back and edit and add pictures on the beginning entries since now I know how :). So if you missed some or want to just look back at the pictures, feel free.

Thanks for accompanying me on my journey!!!

Cheers! Kathy