Feliz Pascua

Happy Easter from Santiago!

Life came to a standstill in Chile today.  We had not considered when we carefully planned our trip that it would end on Easter weekend.  So knowing that most of Santiago would be shut down today, we slept very late.

We didn’t expect to find any restaurants open but we knew we could depend on Starbucks right aroundimage the corner.  On the way there we stopped in front of the civic center – where the cross had stood on Friday evening, an exhibit of artfully decorated eggs now stood – a symbol of life!  After snapping a few pics we continued on to Starbucks where we drank our lattes, ate a breakfast sandwich, and planned our day since our plane does not leave until 9:55 tonight.

Parque Forestal seemed like our safest bet so we called Uber for a ride.  The Uber guy arrived slowly (not many operating today) but he kindly provided us with chocolate eggs while en route.  The park was lovely…children playing, couples snuggling on benches, and many shady trees and beautiful fountains and statues.

We were close to the Museum of Fine Arts so decided to stroll by to take a pic of the outside.  To our surprise, the museum was open and it was free! An exhibit spotlighted the work of Jose Gil de Castro, Pintor de Libertadores.  There were also many fine statues and several exhibits of Modern Art, some of them interactive.  But the best part to me was simply the architecture of the building.  The ceiling reminded me of a train station.

imageAfter browsing the museum we decided to head back to the hotel and grab a bite to eat before leaving for the airport.  As we walked in, we saw young children scrambling about hunting for Easter eggs.  Then we sat at the bar and were met by the Easter bunny himself, somewhat resembling our waiter, Benjamin.  The bunny hopped to it and brought us a chocolate egg, a drink, and some delicious guacamole and coconut shrimp.

In a few minutes we depart.  It’s been an amazing trip.  I will miss the Andes and the colorful life here, and the wonderful people we have met along the way.  Thank you South America for welcoming us….Thank you Wes for being so wonderful and taking good care of me and my ankle, and thank you, my friends for your kind comments and for sharing this awesome trip with me.  It’s one I shall never forget!

Again, in the words of Pablo Nerudo, “I confess that I have lived!”


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