Lovely Puerto Varas

Breakfast this morning was a pleasant treat.  Our multitalented host, Juan,had spread the table with an assortment of tasty delights – a variety of fresh fruits, biscuits and jam, scrambled eggs, yogurt, cheese and ham, plus freshly brewed Columbian coffee and refreshing orange juice. Too much for me but I certainly made a valiant effort!  Notimagehing like starting the day with a good breakfast!

The day proceeded in a leisurely fashion.  Juan drove Wes to the bus station to buy tickets for our trip to Valparaiso this evening while I read and washed clothes.  A new couple from Australia who was

backpacking dropped off their bags, then went exploring.  Our time was running out so Wes and I decided we’d better do the same.

The best place to start was the lake and we had chosen the best time of imagethe day to enjoy it – dusk.  A decorative tiled pier filled with wooden benches juts out amidst the waves and rocks and was the perfect place to sit and soak in the clean, cool, crisp air. So serene – only the lapping of the water against the rocks or the occasional fish leaping up to say hello occasionally broke the silence.  Nearby, snow capped Volcano Orono stood guard over the lake like a sentinel.  Wooden sailboats rested in the harbor after a day of fun or fishing.  Soft golden porch lights flickered on the hillside like a colony of fireflies.  Together, they completed the picture – one I will carry with me and visit often in my imagination.  A nice place to visit on hectic days in Houston.

Time was slipping away so we ate our last meal in Puerto Varas at Cassis, a popular restaurant near the lake.  They are known for their chocolate so Wes and I topped off our meal with a tantalizing chocolate drink.

After dinner we still had a few minutes and since I couldn’t walk far we spent it at the casino (seemed strange that this quaint sleepy lake town would have a casino but it did and a very nice one at that).  Neither of us are really gamblers but we put in a few dollars each.  I walked away a winner -$3.00!  Big spender!

Then sadly it was time to go.  Our newfound friend, Juan, picked us up, took us back to his place to gather our luggage, then drove us to the  autobus station and bid us a fond farewell.  I’ll miss that guy and his funny ways, especially his fake American accent.

But it’s on to Valparaiso via a long trip on the bus.  Wes and I have decided that this is the way to travel – overnight buses.  The seats are comfy and recline way back so we can snooze all the way!  Ciao, Puerto Varas and Juan!


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