I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on Creation…

Totally on top of the world today, my senses heightened to a new level!

As soon as we awakened (late as usual – hey, we are on vacation), we headed downhill, ate some scrumptious empanadas, then caught the bus to Cerro Catedral (only 10 pesos, about $1.10).  The drive up was ultra scenic and took only about 20 minutes.  Once there we took a gondola about 2/3 way up the mountain and a ski chair lift the remaining distance.  The gondola was easy but for some reason, fear seized me as I hopped onto the open ski lift – thankfully, it didn’t last long.image

For as we reached the summit and disembarked the ski lift, I let out a gasp, not in fear but in total awe!  The view was simply magnificent! If I were a painter, I would have pulled out my easel and began trying to capture the glorious mountains before me using a wide brush and deep rich water colors. But since I’m not a painter, I tried capturing the landscape with my camera.  I’m afraid I failed miserably.  But my senses were still intact so I simply soaked in in the cool mountain air, and the breathtaking scene before me.  It is a moment I will never forget! Total peace and oneness with the world.

The day could have ended for me right there but it didn’t.  Instead we returned to Bariloche and got one last chocolate and cappuccino fix.  While we were indulging in chocolate, one of the homeless dogs walked up and stared at us for a few minutes before moving on to the another table.  There are many huge black and brown dogs just roaming the streets looking for a handout, all very friendly and polite.  But we didn’t want to poison the poor dog with chocolate so we ignored him.  However, the chocolate and coffee took the edge off our hunger (and I love that the waiter always serves a little mineral water with our coffee to finish it off).

After coffee we strolled along the lake once more, just as the sun was setting.  So peaceful and serene.   On the way back up the hill, we stopped by a beautiful stone church and walked in for a moment of silence.  I love that the churches here are always open.

Then we traipsed up another steep block to El Boliche “de Alberto”, the same restaurant where we had lunch.  Although Wes has eaten a few steaks since we’ve been in Argentina, I have not, so since it’s our last night in this beautiful country, I knew It was about time.  So we ordered a ribeye to share and ended up with two for the price of one.  It was amazing but so huge!  We have definitely eaten well since we’ve been here and the prices have been great.

I hate ate to leave Argentina but am looking forward to our Lake crossing tomorrow and to our time in Chile – so “Don’t Cry for me, Argentina”  – I’m doing just fine!


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