Magical, Mystical Burren

On the way to Doolin today, Hugh , our bus driver shared more of the history of Ireland during the Iron Age. I purchased Hugh’s book on the archeology of the Burren which we are driving through and will visit tomorrow more extensively. Can’t wait to read his book!

We stopped at the city of Galway to shop a while on Shop Street (appropriate name, eh?). I bought a tin whistle and some bones to play when I get back in the states. Just let me know if you’d like a concert – LOL!

Next day – lovin’ Doolin and the Burren Region ( rocky and ancient)

Last night we heard the best music so far at a pub where “Foolin n Doolin” played (Blackie on the pipes was phenomenal! Pure Magic). And John played two songs with the group (one of my favorites – “Kickin’ this Stone”) – he was rockin!

Today was so cool! We listened to a shepherd as he gave commands to his two sheep dogs (collies) who brought in the sheep and cattle (the youngest, Shep, was like a two year old…so anxious and had difficulty sitting for long!). Both he and Sally were adorable!

After that, we walked up to a medieval ring fort – about 400 of these are in the Burren. A low stone fence was built in a circle and that’s where the well-off families and their livestock lived. Amazing that these stone structures have survived.

Another amazing stone structure we visited today was the Poulnabrone Portal Tomb, about 3500 years old! What’s strange is that the people were not originally buried here but for some unknown reason their bones were brought here (about 33 people’s bones found at this one…..a sacred place…reminded me a bit of Stonehenge. We also saw a wedge tomb (smaller but still intriguing).

The Burren is mystical…I’m loving it here although it is quite chilly!!!! (Bought gloves and a sweater today!). Now I’m off to hear more music and eat some lamb!!! Wish this could never end!20120925-181921.jpg


One thought on “Magical, Mystical Burren

  1. Kathy, thank you for sharing. It is all so interesting. Looking forward to the next Garfield reunion so you can share your Irish talent! Keep warm. it has been very hoyt here!

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