Lovely Clifden

We’ve been in Clifden, a beautiful little town, for the past few days. We really lucked out – they are having an Arts Festival here so we are hearing some good music! Last night it was Da Danann – the lead singer, Eleanor, was fabulous (such a haunting voice!).

This morning we drove over to Roundstone, a quiet town on the harbor, to shop at some quaint stores…my favorite, of course, was the music store where they make and sell bodhrans (Celtic drums). Since I already own one, I didn’t purchase a drum but I was sure tempted!

We also stopped at a winged monument commemorating the first Atlantic flight made by Adcock and Brown (always thought it was Lindburgh so I need to check this out)…I sure don’t know how they managed to land amidst the rocks and bog! We tried to drive to the actual site but Hugh ended up having to back up quite a ways then turn around (a little scary but Hugh is an excellent driver! No one could pay me to drive on these narrow roads in Ireland!)

After stopping at a grocery store to purchase food, we drove up to the top of Sky Road for a picnic. John sang a few tunes as we were eating (I really love the one about Thomas Francis, his ancestor, sailing to America). Then we strolled down the picturesque road and fed a few horses along the way (one was a Connemara pony – see pic). Connemara is truly stunning!

When we returned to Clifden, we shopped and caught the Gaelic football finals between Mayo and Donegal – Donegal won 😦

Another great day in Ireland!



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