Achill Island

I just realized that I skipped a really important day – our trip to Achill Island – so let me recap!

One day we drove over to Achill island from Westport. Right after crossing the bridge, we stopped so Tomas McLoughlin, our guide who lives on the island, could hop on the bus.

First we stopped at an old tower house which was owned by the pirate queen, Grainne O’Maulley, who refused to pay her taxes. John sang “Rooks in the Castle”…very appropriate for this site!

Then we visited a holy well by an old cemetery. The wells are supposed to cure you of various ills. (Apparently, it doesn’t always work – Tomas related a story about a man who wiped both of his eyes with the water and developed a bad infection)

We ate lunch at the Bee Hive where a bunch of us bought hats! From lunch, we headed to the beach. Once again I took off my shoes, rolled up my pants leg, and ventured into the chilly waters! Brrrrrrr!!!! I also tried a limpet (kinda like a mussel) when Momi, my fellow traveler from Hawaii, offered it to me – not bad!

After that we visited some old deserted villages (more interesting ancient sites!)

Such a beautiful island and a great day! I’m making memories!!!



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