Gorgeous Galway

A full day!

We started off by stopping at The Famine Memorial or “Coffin Ship” which commemorates the death of the victims of the 1845-1850 famine as well as all famines. Many immigrated to America at this time and died in route, thus the name coffin ship. So sad! Really puts things in perspective!

Connemara National Park was amazing – such breath-taking views! And the museum was so interesting – the phrase “bogged down” has whole new meaning for me! It’s incredible what they’ve found under these ancient bogs – whole villages, roads, trees, and people!

We stopped on the way there to view the Turf. Landowners dig down to find turf or peat which they dry out to use for fuel. Since the bogs are being depleted, the government has cut down on this – it presents a real problem.

0f course, we have to stop for restroom breaks but even they are great as there is always a pub around the corner! Today, I had the Best Irish coffee ever at one in Leenane at Gaynor’s pub. We also got in a little more shopping. Now I’m not a shopper but my fellow women travelers are having a bad influence on me! One day we all bought cool hats and today we bought scarfs!

Ashleigh falls was another great site we saw today. I especially enjoyed watching a few guys fly fishing – such a great dance! Don’t think anyone was lucky but I did see a few huge salmon leap out of the water! While we were here, John sang a few tunes for us (I especially like “old Scotch Pine” – you know I am a big tree hugger!)

Our last stop was at Kylemore Abbey which looked like something from a fairy tale – a huge castle-looking convent nestled between two mountains, right above a crystal blue lake – postcard quality!

Really…you would think it couldn’t get any better! But Just Wait!!!!!! We topped off our day by seeing The Dubliners! Such fun! They’ve been around since 1962 and still have it! We are very fortunate to be in Clifden during the Arts Festival!

What a day!!!!!!’



One thought on “Gorgeous Galway

  1. yay, you got your pictures in! sounds like a fabulous day! i am not a huge shopper either, but the idea of shopping in scotland/ireland has much more appeal!! glad you are having a fabulous time!

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