Ireland Rocks!

The Irish music the last few nights has been incredible! Our first night on the tour, we were given a private concert by an Irish band (Michael Chang who played fiddler, Mary on the accordion, and Greg, a guitarist and singer – toe tapping music!) But I especially enjoyed the fund raiser last night at Matt Malloys where we were entertained by the locals – a group of kids playing bagpipes and drums, an older women, Mary Connelly, who told great jokes, the town poet who was hysterical, and several singers and instrumentalists, including a great flute player! The towns people were very jolly and so entertaining! And I love how all the locals know the songs and just sing along – a feel good evening! They even asked John Smith, our guide, to sing a few tunes. He sang “Safe Home” ( a song he wrote in Ireland and a term Irish people use when saying goodbye). He also led us in “Good Night, Irene” (a favorite song of Toms, his old Irish tour guide partner and good friend, who died a few months ago). The finale this evening was “Up with Mayo” – these people are fun!

Today, we stopped at an old abbey and graveyard where John sang a song called Kilkelly- such a tear jerker and a true story…there’s nothing like hearing music in these old abbeys and castles!

We also visited an Irish folk life museum and was given an interesting tour there. I really liked the 4000 year old golden neck piece worn by chieftons that was dug up from a bog, stolen, then recovered about 40 years ago. Lots of cool stuff here…even had a man trap which was quite scary – you can imagine the comments made on that one!

Again, the scenery was beautiful today! Life is Good!



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