Delightful Edinburgh and the Highlands

Wes is here now so it’s been great experiencing the city and part of the highlands with my bud!

Of course, I loved walking down the Royal Mile up to the magnificent Edinburgh Castle! The honors of Scotland, the crown jewels, were prominently and proudly displayed in the room where Sir Walter Scott rediscovered them in 1818. The view from the castle, though was even more beautiful than the jewels. And of course, hearing about Scottish royalty and battles is always fascinating to me.

At the other end of the mile is Holyrood Palace where Queen Elizabeth stays when she is in town. Since she’s not here at the moment we were able to view several of the rooms in the castle (very old and done in Victorian style)

After walking all that way (and Wes had only had 2 hours of sleep!), we ventured (or rather struggled) up Arthur’s Seat, a dormant volcano that is over 800 feet up and quite steep and rocky in places. After about 1 hour and 20 minutes, we finally reached the summit! I felt like an Olympic star who had just received a gold medal! It was well worth the climb. The view from the top was spectacular! After spending a few very windy minutes up top, we began our decent -so much faster and easier!

That evening we celebrated ( me…by eating haggis, tatties, and jeeps). Wes feasted on sausages, mash, and Yorkshire pudding cooked in a red wine sauce (his was better!)

The next day we took the Hairy Coo tour into the Highlands and saw Sterling Castle, Katrine Loch, The Lake of Menteith, Doune Castle (Monty Pythons Castle), William Wallaces memorial, and , of course, several hairy coo which are actually Highland cattle. Our tour guide, Donald, is in love with hairy coos and shared the story of their demise. Only 1700 remain in Scotland because The English chose to invest in sheep farming instead of raising cattle which was integral to the Highland way of life….very sad! Like Donald, I too fell in love with these adorable creatures, even fed them some bread, but I must say, Hammish, the oldest Hairy Coo slobbered like a camel!

The Highlands were so beautiful, albeit cold and rainy on and off! All of Scotland has just been like a dream come true – I know I will return one day to the land of my ancestors! Cheerio for now, Scotland!



One thought on “Delightful Edinburgh and the Highlands

  1. there is a wildlife rescue place down the road from us in johnson city that has quite a few highland cattle. they are definitely my favorite, despite their slobbery ways! sounds like a wonderful adventure!

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