Paisley Buddies and Glasgow

No one in the UK understands why I would want to visit Paisley (Jaynie’s aunt says that people from Paisley are called Paisley buddies).

Well, my gr gr gr gr grandfather, William Kennedy, and his wife, Grizel, lived in Paisley. William was a weaver there ( you’ve probably figured out that the town is where the paisley design began). His son, Matthew, was christened in the Paisley Abbey so I wanted to visit it. Quite interesting really and a lot of history there. In the beginning, 1100s, it was a monastery, in the 1200s, it became an abbey. The people I talked to in the abbey were helpful and very friendly, especially a lady with my same last name (we tried to figure out if we were related but she hadn’t gone back as far as my brother has with the family tree).

I also liked the town and saw most of it since neither the taxi cab driver or I knew where we were going (i forgot the address 🙂 We just kept seeing churches that we thought might be the abbey and would take off in that direction…so glad my driver (we came from Glasgow…that’s why he didn’t know) had a great sense of humor! He didn’t even charge me extra but I gave him a really good tip!

When I got back to Glasgow, I hopped on a city tour bus – good idea, Kathy! It was so relaxing and informative. You could also hop off and on at different points to site see. I visited the People’s Palace – a tribute to the working class, and The LightHouse, an exhibit depicting Charles Renny McIntoshes life and work (he was a famous architect and designer). Then I stopped at the Willow Tea Room for my afternoon pastries and tea -yum!!!

A very pleasant day despite the cold and mist (actually I’m enjoying the weather….just a normal day in Scotland!



3 thoughts on “Paisley Buddies and Glasgow

  1. Nice Blog, Kath. Sounds like you’re loved by people around the world !! If you’re still in our Ancestral Home, ask around about the name Grizel or it’s various spellings. Love you and see you soon. Steve

    P.S. The Loch Ness monster thinks Americans are tasty !! Be careful, very, very careful

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