Getting to know the Locals

My first evening in Glassgow was spent visiting with my friend, Jaynie’s family(I met Jaynie 3 years ago in Spain – she’s from Glassgow but moved to Spain so she introduced me to her Aunt Katy via Facebook). Jaynie’s entire family made me feel right at home. Her grandma made soup and stovies (like a meaty stew) for dinner – she’s so adorable! And her grandpa was so funny! Jaynie’s cousins, Jennifer and Conner were there (17 year olds CAN be polite and mature!) as well as her 3 aunts – Katy, Ann Marie, and Mary Lou – they were a hoot!

The aunts took me out to Loch Lomond which is at the foot of the highlands – the contrast of the light and shadows on the hills changed every few seconds as the clouds drifted overhead – what serene pictures this created! Don’t think a camera can capture moments like that! And the lake as well was just so peaceful with the late afternoon light making it glow.

Later, we visited a few pubs – one was in an old church. Th first thing I spotted when we walked in was a group playing Scottish tunes over in the corner of the pub. Loved it! Then we went to Ginty McGintys, another smaller but popular pub and listened and sang along with an 80’s singer and guitar player.

Jaynie’s aunts also gave me many tips on where to visit the next day, introduced me to a soft drink, Irvn Brew, and warned me about midgies (tiny bugs that sting and nothing can stop them!) I’m learning so much!

A really great evening – thanks to Jaynie’s delightful family!



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