York or Jorvik?

Despite developing a nasty sinus infection before arriving in York, I am still enjoying this historical city immensely. I arrived yesterday at 5:00 pm and my kind hosts, Hannah and Stewart, immediately called a doctor and helped me get some antibiotics, then walked me over to the nearby hospital to pick them up. Seeing I was in no condition to go out, they invited me to share their dinner. I’m telling you…especially if traveling alone, airbnb is the way to go. You feel like you have a friend in town!

This morning I washed clothes, hung them out to dry, then set off for the walled city centre. Parts of the original wall still survive from around 30 ad but that part is underground. My hosts suggested walking on the wall around the city, then browsing through the narrow brick streets – I took their advice and was not disappointed. The wall offered excellent views of the river, York Minster, and most of the city. I’ve never been to Rome (it’s on my bucket list though 🙂 but being in York gives me a feel for it…the arches, the gates, and the wall are amazing!

Rick Steve, the author of excellent travel books (he’s even on the travel channel) strongly suggested visiting York when in the UK. Thanks, Rick! I followed your advice and meandered through the streets and was sure not to miss The Shambles, a very narrow cobblestones street lined with unique shops.

Then I visited the York minster, one of Europes top cathedrals! I sat right next to the choir and listened to the music of angels! So serene! That was definitely the highlight of my day.

Oh…almost forgot…..my title refers to the Vikings who were in possession of York around 850-950AD. They called it Jorvik. In the past 12 years excavations have discovered skeletons, and many artifacts that give clues about the Viking way of life. The Jorvik museum displayed some of these. I hopped on a little tram and rode through a reenactment of Jorvik back in the day (a little cheesy but enjoyable and relaxing.)

And again..,there is music all around me. I heard an awesome classical pop quartet in the main courtyard – another cd for my collection!

England Rocks!



5 thoughts on “York or Jorvik?

  1. Hi Kathy, It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I have enjoyed following you around the UK, what’s happened the last few days? Enjoy the tour in Ireland. Brenda

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