To Be or Not to Be

I chose “to be” in Stratford and to visit Andrew, a friend I met 3 years ago in a little village in Spain. I’m so glad I decided to stop there to visit Andrew, his sweet roommate, Becky, and my dear friend Shakespeare(okay…he’s dead but I did visit his gravesite, his birthplace, the RSC, and his old schoolrooom, and the lovely Avon so his spirit is certainly being kept alive in this beautiful quaint town.) And just let me say, I had the best tour guide ever! Andrew teaches Shakespeare and has acted in several of Shakespeare’s plays. He is definitely an expert! On Friday night, he took me to see The Tempest which I have never seen or read (Andrew bought me the book afterwards- he’s the sweetest!). Although I enjoyed the play immensely, Andrew had his reservations. But then again, he had seen Patrick Steward play the main role (really! Who could top that!)

Oh…and as you can see in the picture, Andrew lives right across from Shakespeare’s house! So cool!

I loved waking in Shakespeare’s footsteps! And can’t wait to start reading The Tempest!



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