Jolly Ol’ London

Dashing around London with my hair on fire. I started the day with a jaunt through the National Gallery. My method of doing museums is to walk to the center of the room, take a quick look to see what catches my eye, read about it, stare a minute, then move on to the next room. What I find interesting is the way that all of the different artists draw biblical scenes (Jesus always looks like he came from the artists country of origin :). My favorite painting today was a huge one of Whistlejacket, an Arabian stallion racehorse on the 1760’s, done by George Stubbs. So real!

Of course, I saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, walked by Westminister Abbey, and stopped at Trafalgar Square to watch the paraolympics on a huge screen(a guy with no arms from Malaysia was doing the backstroke! Such is the human spirit!)

From there, I headed to the tower of London where Henry VII ruled and beheaded Ann Bolin and Katherine Howard! Our tour guide was very funny and shared many gruesome stories! I found the scratchings from the prisoners quite interesting. I didn’t have time to walk over the bridge but enjoyed gazing at it.

But the best part of the day was meeting up with Georgie and Giles, a couple Wes and I met in a little village in Spain a few years ago. They recently married and just bought a house south of here. We shared a wonderful Indian meal and many laughs. Walking back through Covent Garden, we realized that Fashion Week had just begun (of course, I am in my jeans!). We saw some interesting outfits and hairdos.

Must catch the tube to the train station! Had a lovely time in London! Cheers!



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