School “Daze”

Yes, I’m back in school! (not Hill Intermediate but LSE, the London school of Economics). I already met one of my flat mates, a sweet Asian girl who is about 30 years younger than I am. The dorm room is small but comfortable, very secure, and in a great spot to explore London. The only drawback is that there is no wifi so I am across the street using Travel Lodges.

As soon as I arrived at 3:00 via train (I love Europe’s public transportation!), I checked in my room and walked 2 blocks to the British museum….first stop the Rosetta Stone! A good buddy of mine (who shall remain nameless) once illegally touched the stone! But because of vandals like “him”, there is now a glass case around it! Nevertheless, it was a sight to behold!

Nothing can top that, but I did enjoy the mummies, Roman busts, and the multitude of other ancient artifacts at the museum. (Jolly Good of the British to keep it free so all can partake of our rich history). Oh yeah, an excellent horse exhibit was also on display. The coolest was a HUGE colorful horse and rider which was done in Arabic verse – so unusual!

On the way back to High Holborn Residence, I stopped off at a pub to sample their fish and chips (with malt vinegar of course). Very tasty!

Back in 1973, I roamed the streets of London in my bell bottoms and crop tops with my good friend, Diane. Styles have certainly changed (I’m now in my skinny jeans… NOT!) but some things never do. I still enjoy the British and their dry sense of humor (like my dad’s). And London is still very much alive and well!

Cheerio, Dear Friends and Fam!



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