If these stones could talk

I wonder what the stones that were laid out in Stonehenge roughly 3500 years ago would say to us if only they could talk. Would they tell of astronomical wonders, speak to us of alien visits, or perhaps relay ancient religious rituals? (maybe all 3) These were just a few of my thoughts as I stood in awe before the majestic wonder. I can’t imagine how the stones (one was 45 tons) were moved and placed here….many still remain erect today. The blue stones were said to have come from Wales. And Stonehenge is definitely a calendar which I find intriguing.

I know I must have taken at least 20 pictures, all from different angles! Before I left, I walked around the ancient structure in my bare feet just to feel connected to this amazing place (I know you aren’t surprised 🙂

I also took a picture of a lady dressed as a Druid…she visits the place frequently…today she described it to me as “sleepy”

*check off a major bucket list item! One day, the mystery of Stonehenge will be revealed – until then, I will just relish the mystery!



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