Just wrote a LONG post about Bath and lost it so….just let me say this…I love it here! Arrived yesterday and after traipsing up the many stairs of the gregorian townhome where I am staying, was treated with a breathtaking view of Bath…the river, the rolling hills, the red tiled roof of stone homes….and my host, Roger, is great – printing maps for me, giving me directions (you know how I am!) And answering my multitude of questions!

But my favorite spot? Sitting in the courtyard outside the abbey and Roman Baths, sipping on wine and listening to a handsome Spanish guitar player or the lady in red singing opera (she even sang the song from Les Miserable that was sung at my friend Nancy’s funeral). Thinking of you, Nancy!

Today I visited the Roman Baths and stepped back in time. When the temple of Minerva was built in 69AD, the thermal spring was discovered and the baths began to be built. I walked along the Baths visualizing naked slaves, centurions, even priests basking in the warm waters for relaxation or perhaps healing. ( I accidentally touched the water although that is prohibited). Of course, religious rituals were held here as well. 130 curses written on small thin sheets of metal were discovered in the Baths and I found it interesting that one of them was said to have been probably written by a dyslexic person (an ancestor of one of my former students?).

To get a real feel for the place, I drank some of the water in the Pump Room (yuck!), then swam in the thermal pools (the outdoor roof pool was awesome…what a fantastic view). Of course, I had to hit the 4 scented steam rooms as well ( for about 30 seconds!) – oh…and I did NOT do as the Romans did…I wore my swimsuit!

So much to see and do in Bath! (the comedy tour this evening was hysterical) but dont want to go on too much. All I can say is I Love you Bath and hope to return one day!

I will try to add a picture now. If I fail, just know that when my good buddy and tech guru , Wes, arrives in 2 weeks, he will help me 🙂

(I visited Stonehenge today as well…check that off my bucket list…but will write about that tomorrow)



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