Hello world!

Welcome to my travel blog, Kathy’s Walkabout! Most of you probably know that I am retired and plan to travel the world on my teacher’s retirement! LOL! Right now I am preparing to leave for a month-long trip to Europe (England, Scotland, and Ireland to be specific). I will attempt to write brief, chatty posts and share a few interesting pictures as often as time and energy permit. Please feel free to add kind comments along the way if you so choose : ).

Here’s a picture of my home where I am planning my trip.



5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I tried to get in touch with you last week, also wanting to wish you a good journey. It will be great to follow along on that.

  2. I really like your opening picture–looks like a good Irish coast, reminds me too of Maine. I’d love to see either or both of these again myself–enjoy yourself!

  3. Nancy and I want to go! I’ve just come back form Maine and it does look like a part of the Irish coast was wrenched away from Maine. Continental drift? Perhaps.
    I too am now blogging thanks to a “misclick” (that’s hitting the wrong icon or key in my version of cyberspeak). I’ve just, as you know, established a page for ArtByBE and so I guess the next thing Art should do is have a blog. Right.

  4. i can’t wait to read more about your adventures! i wish i could join you! let me know if you ever want a hill country retreat! i can probably find you a great place! love, laura

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